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Garam Masala Prime

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 Garam Masala Prime
Garam Masala is an integral part of Indian cuisine. It is a blend of many spices, among which cassia, cardamoms, and cloves form the basic ingredients. But innumerable combinations and permutations of Garam Masala exist in different regions, often leading to confusion and even frustration.
To make matters easier and tastier, Kitchen Aromaa Spices has created the Garam Masala prime! It captures the more subtle flavors of the all-purpose Indian masala blend with pure and handpicked spices. Cassia, cloves, cardamoms, nutmeg, and mace give this spice its complex aroma. It follows a time-tested recipe that adds flavor and texture.

Kitchen Aromaa  Garam Masala Prime can be added to any vegetable dish while preparing it to give it a royal touch of well-balanced aromas.
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20 gm / 50 gms / 100 gms / 200 gm jar / 500 gm jar / 1 kg pouch / 5 kg pouch

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